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No Problem Too Big, No Idea Too Weird


...but don't for one second believe that! Our ancestors would gather around fires and weave tales about the things they had seen and of the things they didn't. Now, tens of thousands of years later, we're still at it with no sign of our imaginations slowing down, but that's not to say we don't come up against a wall from time to time.

Traditionally when writers needed help with their writer's block they would turn to a muse. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of more trolls these days making it hard for the modern writer to share their burgeoning work and get constructive feedback that stays on track with their original vision.

I've Got Writer's Block Creative Writing Consulting is unique! I'm not concerned with grammar and sentence structure. I'm more interested in IDEAS, both big and small. Why is a murderer killing his way through a quaint rural village? How does the wise wizard use rocks to cast spells? What does a highly advanced alien civilization use for currency?

Whether you need help with major plot points or the fine details in your world there's a package or plan for you, guaranteed to help shatter your Writer's Block and set you back on your creative path.   


You've got questions about your work, I've got answers!

No matter what stage in your creative process you're in you may find yourself coming up against a wall. Whether you're stuck with the major elements for an outline, or a minor detail is causing unexpected trouble in your 2nd or 3rd draft I have a service that will work for you. It doesn't matter if your problems stem from plot, characters, setting, or a whole different existential problem that is unique to your work.

Explain your basic plot to me, what you have, where you want it to go, and what's holding you back and let me go to work. (Please upload a word document with all pertinent information, as the space in the word fields are too limiting.) 

Prices are per 'problem' and I will deliver a number of different ways around them and possible consequences that will stem from taking that path.

I'm not a ghost writer or an editor. I want you to be able to get past your problems and write your story, your way.

There are two options for you to receive your orders: 


Correspondence where you'll receive a detailed word document delivered to your e-mail inbox containing multiple solutions to the problems that you face and possible new paths that these options could open for you. 

Video chat (Google Duo, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp) an in-person video chat, where we can talk in depth about the issues that you are having with your work. This gives us the opportunity for a more organic back and forth where solutions to ideas can be more easily worked on and refined. 

Problems can be related to, but by no means limited by, the following.

Blurry People
Notebook and Pen
Mountain Town


Characters drive your story and make even the most fantastic plot twists relatable to your reader. Whether you need help with their backstory or their motivation within your narrative, I can help make them feel alive and fully fleshed out.


The plot of your story is like a road with a million different forks in it, each path has it potentials for success and for problems. Together we can navigate these trails, discover new  ones, and craft a story that both you and your audience will be thrilled with.

World Building

Worldbuilding is an often overlooked part of the writing process, but underdeveloped settings can lead to your work feeling flat and unrealistic. I can help create locations that will help your readers feel completely immersed. Whether it be an entire planet or a single room.


If you're not sure if these services are right for you, or you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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