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Hi, I'm Curtis...

Curtis Diehl founder of I've Got Writer's Block Creative Writing Consulting

...and I've got an over-active imagination. Ever since I was little I would escape boredom by going on fantastic journeys in my mind, just like most kids, but I never grew out of it.

I love writing.  Fostering an idea and helping it along to become this amazing thing that can bring joy to other people is an amazing feeling, but getting there can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Writer's block would sometimes derail one of my stories for months, or worse I'd become so frustrated that I would delete the whole thing.

My passion project is The Many Frustrating Adventures of Kilroy series. A comedy fantasy adventure series about a often cantankerous immortal warrior tasked with fighting his way through thousands of Realms. After going through a few drafts I built up enough courage to post a snippet on an online forum hoping to get some constructive feedback. Instead, it was mercilessly torn apart by people

who were more interested in hearing themselves talk than actually trying to understand my ultimate vision and help me achieve it.  

Stories aren't academic studies, they're pieces of the author, children who need love, care, and support to reach their full potential.

That's why I created this service. To help authors like yourself and all your assorted tales to become everything you know they can be! Not by tearing down, but by building on the awesomely unique ideas you've already come up with.

I am not a ghostwriter, I'm a muse. My goal is to inspire you to continue along your creative path, not mine, by helping you find the hidden potential in the ideas you've already come up with and craft something that you'll be proud of. My promise to you, one author to another, is that I will treat your ideas with the same respect and care that I offer my own.

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